How to prepare yourself for Marriage?

How to prepare yourself for Marriage?


In current society, more and more people don’t want to get married, or marry very late. There are also cases of marriage easily breaking even among the Christians. What can the reason possibly be? How do we as a society improve in this aspect?

As a Christian, how do I approach the institution of marriage and how do I prepare for it?

I think we need keep good relationship with God first,and then listen to the suggestions from elders, learn lessons about love and marriage by reading books as more as we can.

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i do not know. it is very hard.

Today I received a grace. It will be useful for those who don’t want to get married. Why do we need to get married? Simply speaking, we need a close friend to communicate our true self besides God. God created us to fellowship with Him and also with brothers and sisters. Till a point, you really feel you have the need to meet a special one to share your life and God’s grace together. Besides those who has the special gift of singleness, through fellowship with God, they could be totally satisfied.

Do our life incomplete without marriage? Absolutely not. Those who has singleness gift could spend time whole heartedly to serve the Lord. It’s so noble life and high level. Does their life has lacking? They are not. They are complete in the Lord.

Recommend a good book about marriage: when God writes your love story.

1.The One who knows you better than you know yourself, and who loves you more than you can comprehend, wants to take you on a journey.

A touch moment from the book:

I feel the rain tap on my head,
Could it be your tears? Do you need a friend?
I don’t know how far, and I don’t know how long.
All I know is that He’s faithful.
Such a love, it burns deep inside.
I know that you’ll be worth all the tears that I have cried.

it is very difficult, i think we need close God more.

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Something from the Book: when God writes your love story

In our microwave, fast food generations, all our desires can be met with the click of a button. …we’re used to getting everything we want now and to be honest, we don’t want to wait

This book really calms down my heart. It is a book worth reading.

Something from the book:

He wants to lift you up onto His lap, wrap His big strong arms around you, wipe away your tears of longing and pain, and whisper in your ear, “It’s all right, little child. Just rest your head on My shoulder. I will take care of you. This world is always in a hurry, but I teach

My children patience. Learn to trust My perfect timing so you may discover that all the pain found in waiting has a magnificent and awesome purpose.
A Biblical Husband and Family - Paul Washer

yes, you may attend church class for marriage, then you can be changed.

Today I have finished the book “when God writes your love story ”

Reflection: It is did a good book. Especially about purity part, teach boy and girl to guard purity before marriage.

Still has lacking. Marriage is not just about keeping purity. One man and one woman build one family, there is purpose from God. It’s still mystery for me.

yes, it is God who can guide marriage