How to Rebuild: A Devotional

They replied, “Let us start rebuilding.” So they began this good work.
-Nehemiah 2:18

Today’s Scripture & Insight:

Nehemiah 2:11–18

It was nighttime when the leader set out by horseback to inspect the work that lay ahead. As he toured the destruction all around him, he saw city walls that had been destroyed and gates that had been burned. In some areas, the vast debris made it tough for his horse to get through. Saddened, the rider turned toward home.

When it came time to report the damage to the officials of the city, he began by saying, “You see the trouble we are in” (Nehemiah 2:17). He reported that the city was in ruins, and the protecting city wall had been rendered useless.

But then he made a statement that energized the troubled citizens: “I also told them about the gracious hand of my God on me.” Immediately, the people replied, “Let us start rebuilding” (v. 18).

And they did.

With faith in God and all-out effort, despite enemy opposition and a seemingly impossible task, the people of Jerusalem—under Nehemiah’s leadership—rebuilt the wall in just fifty-two days (6:15).

As you consider your circumstances, is there something that looks difficult but that you know God wants you to do? A sin you can’t seem to get rid of? A relationship rift that’s not God-honoring? A task for Him that looks too hard?

Ask God for guidance (2:4–5), analyze the problem (vv. 11–15), and recognize His involvement (v. 18). Then start rebuilding.

By: Dave Branon

Let us Reflect & Pray

What are a couple of “destroyed wall” situations that are troubling you? How will prayerfully asking for God’s help and guidance help you start the rebuilding process?

God, I need Your help. I can’t fix these problems alone. Help me to understand the situation, and then to seek Your help and guidance in resolving the challenges before me.

This is a wonderful reminder or realization for us. Despite all of the problems and challenges we encounter, whenever we feel broken or there is something in need of action, we may think it is hard to do or accomplish. That is why we need our Lord God. We cannot do this without God. Whatever it is that we think seems impossible to do, with Christ, it is not.

Amen to that wonderful word. Only God knows what you are going through and what you are feeling inside you. He knows how many times your heart has been broken, He knows all your fears that are unspoken. God knows all the tears you’ve withheld and are falling inside you. God knows all the words and all the actions of all the people that hurt you no matter how deep the hurts, God will take your pain away. Thats How God loves us.

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Be strong, trust God’s word, and trust the process.Trusting God does not mean believing he will do what you want, but rather believing he will do everything he knows is good. Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.

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Yes, God sees us struggle and He knows and He is excited for us because after our struggle, blessings overflow. He will guide us and help us, all we have to do is ask and trust in His ways.

Yes!! God knows what is best. We ask for simple things, yet He gave us more than what we asked for! His process may be new for us sometimes, but we have to trust Him and have faith in Him.

I am currently in the process of loving myself more. I know that I cannot do this alone, my worth and value is only found in Christ alone. He is my maker. He knows every bit of me even my DNA makeup. I should love myself in a way that no matter what people say, it will not affect me because God knows my heart better than anyone. I am building myself in Christ, I can only do this through His guidance.

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I pray for you on your journey towards self-love @kbadum! Life is a lot happier and just very refreshing when you love yourself more, it is something we really must do for ourselves. God bless you!