How was your first encounter with God?

How was your first encounter with God?

How was your first encounter with God?

We don’t see God physically but we can feel his presence spiritually. I am battling from depression for almost a year now, been reading a lot of self help books, listen to youtube channels about life and sermons, trying to be positive etc.

Depression isn’t easy, but if you keep calling unto God and pray everything; then you will be calm. He will never forsake you. That was what happened to my very first encounter of him. I tried ending up my life many times, but he will redirect you to some things like keep you busy, destruct you from your negative thoughts etc.

I can recall the exact moment that I discovered God. I was around 10 years of age, with a lanky little body, and long straight brown hair that my mom . I remember slowly walking down the short concrete sidewalk that was directly in front of our home.I looked up at the sky, A very strong presence came over me, and a surge of energy could be felt throughout me. I felt watched, as if every piece of me was completely known from my very first breath.My mind struggled to hold on to the amazing encounter that I had just experienced.

I was sited quietly in my room. I had built a thick wall around myself, to protect me from the evil world. But this had become a false identity. I was imprisoned in a harness of false strength.
I knelt down and asked God to set me free from my hardness and make me pure and tender as a child again. That very moment I encountered God in a way I can’t really describe. I felt God come over me, with a majesty that is too incredible.

I was 12 years old. I was so eager to experience God personally; that is, to hear him, see him and encounter him like the way he encountered people in the bible. I remember, I was reading the book of psalms. There was this verse about God’s voice, that when he speaks, the ground shakes and his voice is the sound of many waters. Later at night, honestly up to this day, I am not sure if it was a dream or I were awake. I woke up in the middle of the night panicking because I thought there was an earthquake, everything around me was shaking. When the shaking stopped, I heard what sounded like a waterfall.

Then I slept again.

When things get tough, I always come back to this and other experiences I know God has manifested himself.

I was in fifth grade, crying because I did not study for an exam. I prayed to the Lord that He may guide me. I had no idea how I got a high grade even when I didn’t study. There I felt a strong presence and I knew God was with me as I was answering. I used my stock knowledge in answering.