How we should treat people that are from LGBT community?

Hello Bro&Sis. I have a question: How we should treat people that are from LGBT community? Should we ignore them? Should we hate them? Or should we try to share the Gospel with them which is kind of hard? May God Bless You All.

In a way, it’s simple: Show them the same love and respect that Christ would show them. Jesus is down on sin, but not down on sinners. All people have sin in their lives, but that doesn’t mean they have less worth to God. So no matter what sin people are involved in, they’re still worth God’s love. I would treat your gay and lesbian friends the same way you would treat heterosexual friends who are sexually active. You can show love to someone without approving of what they do.

Christians make too many mistakes when someone comes out to them. They try to advise counseling. At some point, they will throw out Bible verses concerning homosexuality or marriage. Some Christians try to “relate” and often compare same-sex attraction to other sins like murder, theft, etc. Emotions like depression and anger will usually set in. Unfortunately, these are all the wrong things to do. Everyone needs counseling, the person coming out probably knows how you interpret the Bible regarding sexuality, and they don’t want to be compared to Hannibal Lecter or Gordon Gekko. This is a moment to listen and affirm your love for them. Think of it this way: The people coming out to you have chosen to share a very intimate and personal part of their life because you are someone they value. You can never get this moment back, and responding the wrong way is devastating.