How will the world change after this?

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How will the world change after this?

Hello, dear friends,
What do you think? How will the world change after this crisis of the COVID-19?
I have though about it and think, this should mark a change in the politics and economic flow of the whole world. The medicine investment and studies have to been taken more seriously, and the politicians and the military have to be reduced in how much money is put in them.
I’m sure the whole world will grow stronger after this. But, what do you think?
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

In times like these, I know a lot of people are having their own reflections regarding this matter. Hopefully there are changes to people’s behavior after this crisis, it may be in politics, economists etc. I see this pandemic virus as a wake up call for all of us, a chance for everybody to make everything right. Let us hope for the best!