Human history is the long, terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy

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Human history is the long, terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy.

Andrew Chapman

When God tests our heart and mind, it is then we seek rest in happiness…

Leland Jay

Savitri Senanayake dang I didn’t even think about that!! That’s a great idea!!

Andrew Chapman

Mi Ke sad but true!! wickedness never was happiness.

Andrew Chapman

So if you know history so we’ll why are you waiting on His 3rd coming? Do you not understand?

Donny L Pace

Andrew Chapman

Ruth Thompson

Richard Early every culture we have any recorded history of has always either invoked their god in battle or dedicated the battle to their diety. Some of these gods being either/neither/both beneficent or malevolent. Meaning, one of two things either God/the gods ignore or detested war, or that the implication of any God in any act of war is strictly cultural. Most of the times, it’s a cultural overthrow and the religious establishment comes as an afterthought to bolster such Kingdom. Actual wars fought though as a result of wanting to eradicate another group based on refusal to convert…you find the battle and point it out. I have yet to find one. (Doesn’t mean there isn’t one, I’m truly ignorant to any instance).

Brennan G Martens

Life is so hard and I feel like that a lot too. I hope you feel better my love

Erica Bateman

Delcy Ronny it’s always the time to come to the foot of the cross. There’s no point in using existential anxiety to try to convince others to love our God, thats deception and playing on emotions, the same Satan distracts us from our first love. He will not be mocked, neither can anyone pluck His beloved from His hand.

Brennan G Martens

Donnell Nielsen I totally agree!! The only way to find true happiness in life is receiving forgiveness through christ!! Christ’s endless love can overcome all as we seek him

Andrew Chapman

No I don’t believe that, in fact human history has always been trying to get back in relationship though our struggles with our Lord Christ, the story of mercy n grace, or freely given forgiveness or redemption through Godly Love… Unbelief is the only sin…not believing in the forgiveness He (CHRIST)gave to us all…only believe

Ernesto Fraijo