I am fully convinced that most Christians have no clue concerning end-time

I am fully convinced that most Christians have no clue concerning end-time events are they are so wrapped up in this world that they don’t care. The Beast Government is the end time government that will rule the world. This government is being set up right before our eyes. Daniel 7 and Revelations 13 tell us the countries involved in this government. The lion ( Great Britian ) the bear, raising up on one side with three ribs in its mouth is Russia gaining control of Belarus, Ukraine, and Geogia. The leopard with four heads is a picture of the European union. John in Revelations 13 sees a picture of this beast as a combination of all 3 beasts that Daniel saw having the mouth of the lion, feet of the bear ( the aggressor) and the leopard carrying the whole thing. The prices going up is seen in Revelation 6 by the third seal the black horse it ain’t going to get any better wake up and know that the end time is upon us. I have a message on my face book page and YouTube channel Wayne Knight316 that talks about the power of the Beast in greater detail. The church will be here for this trial that will try the whole world. Those that endure to the end will be saved. Don’t let some one deceive you by saying your going to escape this. You overcome the Beast and the antichrist by the blood of the lamb, the word of your testimony, and you love not you life unto death. WAKE UP!!!

Wayne Knight

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Steven Matthew Bortner

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Danny Cary

I admit that I don’t care. The book of revelations does not dictate the end of my story the Lord does. I may die in a car crash tomarrow.

Justin Smith