I am new to this group. I have monitored it for awhile

I am new to this group. I have monitored it for awhile. I am not the type that usually posts anything at all but tonight I feel as s though I must. My husband has stage 4 lung cancer. He has hardly been sick in his life. He has lost 35 lbs in a short period of time. He is constantly sick. Before we found out that he had cancer we decided to move into the nicest 55 and over community from our huge house that we raised the children in. It has an enormous amount ofmemories of family dinners and holiday celebrations and parties. It is actually hard to leave.
Bill became sicker and sicker and then we found out he had cancer. So getting the house ready to sell was up to me. I am also disabled so I wasn’t sure how I would do this. But God provided. He sent me 3 christian woman to help me. And my older sister and husband and my niece to help put things in order for showing the house came from Michigan. Now the house looks almost like it did when we first built it. It was put on the market 3 months ago.
We pray together at least 3 times a day and I pray constantly. It feels like he just doesn’t hear us anymore. My husband would do so much better at this new place. We are both 66 years old and live between Social Security check to Social Security check. We are trying to cover the expenses of both places. But we can’t move yet because we need to sell the house for moving money. If you read this far, the point of all this is… Please pray for us. If you know of a prayer list, please add our name. Wendy and Bill. Thank you so much for reading this.

Wendy Fischer

May God Bless you both with his love and protection and heal your husband. God is great! Don’t ever lose faith. He is always with you and he has a reason for everything. Believe and receive! Prayers sent up for you both!

Brenda Smith Jones

May God face shine on you and your husband be delivered from all disease. Yes, the Bible tells us to cast to Him all our burdens He is our Father

Charles Makori

heavenly father please comfort wendy and bill at their time of need and touch bill with your healing hands we thank you father and we love you so very much amen

Tony Kelly

Trust God. He hears your prayers and all things will work for the best of those who love Him.I will pray for peace beyond understanding and healing for His glory. God will help you through these valleys. It may not seem like it but He already is.

Will Elliott

God is faithful in His love and mercy. He heard every heart beat of your prayers. He is our breath and life. We declare in the mighty name of Jesus Christ to provide honest buyer of your property to the glory of His name and we call this done in Christ Jesus amen

Mary Bandico