I am smiling because my God is stronger than my problems


Amen! We forget that no matter what we’re facing, it isn’t bigger than our God.
We can do all things through Christ. When we surrender our control. When we let go of our fear. When we take a deep breath and hand him our issues and pains, rather than trying to make sense of them or fix them on our own. He gives us power. He gives us love. He sets us back on our feet when we fall down and on the right path when we lose our way. If we let Him in and believe in Him, rather than feeling defeated, He will bring us through.

Hello, dear @Jenny
That’s how we all should think all the time! God is the only one who can make it all, and he loves us, he will make it all right for us when facing any problem, we just got to believe and trust him, he will never let us down. Faith can move mountains.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

@Jenny Dear Lord God, thank you for the blessings that you have given to me. Thank you for being with me when i am sad, i am weary and im in my rock to bottom situation. I am smiling because i know you holds my future, i know that you will be with me till the day my problems gone.

Reason enough to smile after every heartbreak, after every defeat, after every fall; because we have a powerful Father in heaven. Even oceans and their waves will bow at God’s feet because He is so strong, whats amazing is that we are nothing compared to who God is but we are His beloved that’s why He cares so much. And God will bother Himself for our problems, and He wants us to know how strong He is, because in that way we will bow down and worship Him with all our hearts and with everything that we are.

God is stronger than my problems

We may sometimes feel overwhelmed by everything life throws at us. No matter how hard we’ve been hit by storms, we will always come back stronger because God is always fighting with us. Even how many times we’ve lost, it’s the way we rise that counts. God will always protect us against our enemies. He is our shield and strength. Fall in love with the unknown and embrace life’s challenges with a positive attitude. Always remember that God is always holding us. He is greater than us and there’s nothing we can’t overcome because God is more powerful than all the problems we face.

Problems are part of life. All too often we magnify our problems by the way we think and talk about them. While we shouldn’t ignore problems or treat them as though they don’t exist, we should view them in the light of God’s greatness, power, and love. No matter how big your problems are, God is bigger.

Yes, God is greater than our problems. Whatever it is that is bothering us now, that is nothing compared to God’s love for us. Ask and you will receive more and better. We are thankful for our ever loving God.