I am struggling with prayers. May I know what is the reason of struggling in prayers?

I am struggling with prayers. May I know what is the reason of struggling in prayers? How do I pray in ease? I don’t go to church at all and not worship together with other believers. Is it one of a reason I struggle? How can I overcome this problem please help me and thank you

Wong Clarice

U won’t like heaven if u don’t worship with others; n if u don’t like church u won’t like heaven is my opinion

Tim Durante Sr.

God doesn’t tell you to go to church. He tells you to put your faith in what his Son has done. You need to live from the standpoint that God has already done it. He’s provided everything you need. It’s not a matter of trying to get God to move in your life; it’s a matter of you moving over into agreement with Him and receiving what He has already provided.

Mary Horrigan

Some people when they pray they will complain to God telling him all their problems and say that they are praying but they’re really just complaining venting on him. Others will beg of God for their will to be done pleading with him for what they want what they think they need. Others will try to bargain with God if you give me this I’ll do this for you. And say that they are praying. Then others will demand of God telling him what they want and use his word as a way of forcing him to give them what they want. Cuz he said he will. And say they are praying to him but none of that is prayer. True prayer Jesus explained is in the Our father as you are asking for God’s will to be done not your own. So you can ask for anything and if it is his will if he knows what is best for you and it is good for you to have he will provide it for you. And you accept that. All done by your own faith as well. If you know it is his will and you ask for it and it still is not happening it could also be because your weak in faith not believing that God can provide for you and you’re just trying to ask but not really believing that he will. We have to ask in faith and we have to ask for his will that is true prayer

Daniel Hutch

Start with talking to Yehousha Ha’mashiach and Yehoua all day long over both the absolute most trivial things and the most Glorious things. This open dialogue will lead to prayer. You need to get to know HIM before you can become an adopted heir to HIM. Get to know HIM through his word. Read John, Matthew, Acts and James in that order over and over. Fill your heart with HIS word. Go in peace.

Joseph M Truscello

You struggle because the devil doesn’t want you to pray. He’ll throw distractions at you and discourage you till you quit trying.

Lorelei Sargent

Are you in sin? That would hamper your prayer

Robbie Mo

Pray in faith build a relationship. Be honest, god knows everything about you

Roger Barnett