I am weak. I want to be brave. Anyone can help me to overcome this?

I’m a softhearted person. I am sensitive and easily get hurt emotionaly. I find this difficult. I want to be brave and strong enough to fight my emotions. I don’t want to feel like I am weak. I really hate this kind of my personality.

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Hi @zayn22! Like you, I am a softhearted person too. I easily get caught off guard sometimes because I easily absorb others problems. But lately, I keep on motivating myself by reading self-help books and writing some journals. Just do not let your emotions over eat you. In that way, you’ll be fine.

I just wanted to drag this topic up, as most of us today are feeling weak because of the increasing numbers of infected people and everyone is at risk coz restrictions are lifted…So let us all be brave to face the new normal and keep safe as always…

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Yes, thank you for this @MakkaPakka. This is a situation where we all need to be strong. We will not let the negative things in life ruin us, ruin our faith and our strength. For me, God is the answer if you want to be brave. Because whatever that is bringing you down or making you weak, we all know that God is more powerful than that.

Hi @zayn22
I also am a softhearted person and I tend to let my emotions be all over the place. Nevertheless, I have been trying to work myself out by doing the things I love. This way I get to relax and feel at peace. I really try to surround myself with a positive aura by keeping myself busy. I believe that we have the capacity to control our emotions but it will really be hard and it will take time. The Lord is always by our side and we should never give up in trying to be better. I believe in you and I know you can do it! God bless.

Everyone has a soft spot. Everyone has weaknesses. People abused us and use them against us because they know we are too kind or weak to fight or resist. But I think being a softhearted person is one of the purest kind of human being. You have the purest heart and kindness to give and share to the world. Maybe it is not bad after all. We just need to learn how to control our emotions. How we should respond to things before we explode, or when it triggers our emotions. Ask God to help you control your heart over things or people. The world is already harsh, a lot of bad things are happening lately, virus, racism, hatred, violence. The world needs people with soft and kind heart just like you @zayn22. Do not regret for giving kindness to people who don’t even deserve it. Do not regret having a soft heart. And maybe you could try to read some empowering and motivating books as others mentioned above.

Hi @zayn22, you look depress in your words. I felt that too few days ago, I become negative about myself and I started to degrade my capability which are not good. We are affected by this pandemic that’s what I think the reason why? Cast your worries to God and it is great that you shared with us your pain and other little piece of you. I think there are other side problems, I hope it’s okay to ask you something-Are you losing the LOVE that the Lord has poured on you because of your sins and it is drawing you far from Him?

Those lies that the evil has been feeding you should be rebuked right away! He is trying to pull you away from the truth of the Lord. He wants you to be far from the light and it is disabling you from receiving the fruits that are about to come. Do not be taken aback!

Desire and delight yourselves in the presence of the Lord our source of Love. Submit all your heart’s desire to Him for as the Lord Jesus Christ has come to give us the forgiveness of our sins, He has also revived the Loving-kindness He has poured into our hearts since the beginning. (Jeremiah 31:3).

Truly, my mind could not fathom what my heart marvelously felt in Your presence(God is Love) through your forgiveness (Luke 7:47). The revival of Love has rain fruits in the lives of the children of God. Praise be to the Lord God Almighty!

I feel you, @zayn22! To be honest, I am already in my 30’s but I am still struggling in this area of my life. I guess it is an ongoing process. Remember what God said in 2 Corinthians 12:9, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

@kianna: If all of us have a strong faith and trust in God, then there is nothing to be afraid of… In times like these, prayer is only the weapon we have…and as the restrictions are lifted by phases from ECQ, GCQ and the like…we must be brave to face the new normal…it is normal that we have big fears of being infected of this tiny and unseen enemy, but God is with us…We are all in this pandemic, and we have God as our protection…let us strengthen our faith and deepen our trust unto him…:blush:

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Hi @kbadum…all of us have weaknesses even in my age too…Most of the time, I easily get disappointed when my plans doesn’t turn out as I planned…so depression strikes as well as anxiety. But one thing I learned is that if plan A doesn’t work, then try plan B, plan C and so on…The only scariest moment is always just before you start…so be brave! :wink:

@zayn22 just like you, there are times that i feel so weak and easily get hurt.
there is even a chance that because of this weakness I am angry with myself. however, sometimes it does have a good effect on being emotional; we learn to be considerate and to take care of others’ feelings. however,
because of our weakness we are no longer able to defend ourselves and express our thoughts. but Let God be our strength ,as what says in Psalm 73:26 My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart
and my portion forever.

keep on praying and ask God for emotional strength and a strong heart. prayin for you

Truly @MakkaPakka! God has a plan for us all! We must surrender our worries to Him and trust His plans! Thank you and God bless you!