I ask for the prayer warriors to pray for my co-worker in my ministry

Please could I ask for the prayer warriors to pray for my co-worker in my ministry. He is like a son to me. He, his wife and their daughter - 7 months are living in Sambia and are having major attacks. The little daughter is now on oxygen, but they don’t have money for the hospital. Then also their house/hut was flooded during the Ana cyclone. Wiza and his wife are sleeping in the hospital on the floor. They want to protect her from being taken to the traditional healers (witchdoctors) by the rest of the family. I know that Wiza and his daughter are going to do mighty works for our Lord, however, they are really suffering under these multiple attacks from satan etc. Please pray for this young (30) family.

Margit Kresin

Praying for peace calmness strength and encouragement wisdom and healing and protection and direction and guidance and when the devil comes knocking ask Jesus to get the door

Cindy Heigh

Praying for this young couple and their beautiful baby… for a hedge of protection with Holy Angel’s standing guard to keep everyone safe and complete healing for this little one…heal her oh Lord, in Jesus name Amen…

Colette Hegg

Praying against the evil witch doctors and may God protect and heal you all

Elsa Van Dyk