I believe in God. Not because my parents told me to

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I believe in God by Heart. Ever since my parents help me to be near in Jesus Christ. I wasn’t told to not believe in God instead I was taught continue knowing God. I believe in God not because it is need. I believe in God because He is Risen in my life.

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Hello, dear @FaithinGod
Great words… That’s faith, that’s a relationship with God! Because it’s something so personal, each one of us lives it in a very different manner, because God knows us like no other and he takes the time needed for each one. It doesn’t matter your family or your local church, you have to open your heart to be able to truly seed the Lord and let him enter your heart. When we do that, praying, going to church, reflection, it stops being a chore, it becomes what it truly is a time of sharing with the Lord, thanking him for all he does for us! Because God acts in us, each and every day! Even when we don’t realize it. Because he loves us too much.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

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@FaithinGod i believe in God, BECAUSE I BELIVE HIM, i let him in with my heart and i accepted him as my personal Lord and Saviour. He let me experience how great he is how he is awesome and how he loves me.
He is also a promise keeper, he never leaves me and he wont let me down, what can i do not to believe Him.

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