I choose joy over sadness. Light over darkness

I choose joy over sadness.
Light over darkness.
I just do not want to mope,
I want to have hope.
I am blessed beyond measure,
No matter how I feel,
I‘ve decided to believe,
God’s word is for real.
That is not to say,
I won’t have bad days,
When my thoughts of faith
Get lost in the haze.
But I will rise up tomorrow,
With new confidence gained,
I will not focus on sorrow,
I’ll not dwell on the pain.
I’m making the choice,
I vote for the good,
Even though life, at times
Does not go as it should.
Let‘s all join together,
Can we all take a stand?
Instead of crying in the rain,
Let us choose to dance.

Reflection from Nina Laird-Fusilli