I choose to love people with "agape" unconditional love

Reflection from Nina Laird-Fusilli

Dear God:
As I am walking your way and doing your will for my life, you allow challenges to come to test my strength in You. I encounter people who seem judgmental and condemning. They do not understand the walk, the path You are leading me on. You challenge me by repeating the same words Jesus spoke as they were condemning, beating, and killing Him. “Forgive them.” I “will” myself to forgive them Lord. I will try to not let unforgiveness have priority over You, and Your will for my life. I hear Your voice echo, “care not.” That is not to say I do not care about them, but rather I cannot care. I make a choice to not allow angry or cutting words to come inside and cause hurt. I become aware that I can’t make everyone like and approve of me. I must care more about impressing God than I do about impressing others. I choose to love people with the same love You bestow upon all Your children, agape (unconditional) love.

Hello, dear @Natalia
Great reflection by Nina. Thanks for sharing it. I felt it a lot, because I have been living some difficult times from some time ago, and it’s hard to control our feelings of hate and anger… I know those are not the ways of God, but it’s hard to control myself. I know that we God blessing and guidance I will find the way he wants me to be, the way of love!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.