I’d like to talk through a miracle that my father lived through

I’d like to talk through a miracle that my father lived through. Before i was born, my father had a motorcycle incident and drove under a truck. That in its self should of killed him but he survived and fully recovered. A couple years later he would have another incident that was the same as the motorcycle one in which he drove a car while he didn’t look on what’s to the right and it hit him… He was hospitalized because he broke his nose and his leg though he refused surgery. In 2018 he had flown to Poland and i was still in England. He had yet another accident that included him getting rammed by a car by accident. Not only did he survive that too but today he’s walking just fine even though he broke his leg again…So you might be thinking, why am i telling you this? Well simply, i prayed for him everyday so he could live safely and risk free. Unfortunately , he doesn’t go to church but i do and the moral for this story is that you should pray for your loved ones and be grateful for their presence because you never know what can happen to them or what you’ve missed out by just not loving them. So love your family and go to church to stay pure and healthy mined. Amen

Jakub Rudy

KC Plummer

Your story is like the one in the Bible. You know the one where the paralysed man is healed because of his friends faith. You are so right. I feel like I’ve been helped in life because of the faith of my parents and my ancestors.

Mia Mohya