I don’t want to go to hell, and I’m scared. I’m tearing up writing this

I’ve gone through different waves of doubt, repentance, questions of salvation, reminder of my dream of hell, all kinds of stuff, especially after watching the video of Day of Judgment from YouTube. I’ve prayed, asked for forgiveness as much as I can everyday, I tried to read the bible everyday, do research for different verses, tried to separate myself from the world, but like everyone, I fell short into sin everyday by nature. I fear for my salvation wondering if my name would be in the Lambs Book of Life, question if I mean it in my heart, I want to know and say im positive that I believe, but sometimes I fall short quick, sometimes I stand my ground strongly. How can I know for sure I have my salvation and I mean everything with all my heart? It was said words are words and it’s in your heart, well how do I know its in my heart? I don’t want to go to hell, and I’m scared. I’m tearing up writing this

Megan Jean

Faith. Have faith, you are listening to the lies of the devil. We all sin. We don’t have to be perfect to go to heaven or no one will make it

David Maggs

I struggle too. Strive to think positively. As we’re supposed to think on everything that in good, righteous, and just. Also, the dreams you’ve had… I would play the Bible at night on your phone. I do that and it helps me not to have bad dreams or dem… See more

Britanni Rae Snapp


John North