I feel like a failure as a Christian for feeling like this…

I feel lost.
So I am 30, married,4 children. Currently renting a home with my parents due to the economy.
I knew in my bones it’d be a train wreck but so that my children could have their own rooms I did it. We are only a month into the year and have had two huge bow out arguments in front of my children.
Anytime I am talked to it is a complaint or criticism nothing else.
They have threatened harm to my souse and our belongings, they boldly told my 12 and 4 year old they are Fine with not seeing or talking to them ever again.
They run to my family painting themselves as victims and wanting sympathy but don’t know the whole truth.
Daily I wake up dreading the day and walking on eggshells to avoid talking to them so another fight can be avoided. Despite the fact that we paid all deposits and move in cost as well ad half of everything we are treat as if it isn’t our house too but as If it their house that we live in.
I feel lost because we’ve had a damaged relationship or many other reasons since I was 12, and through the years every joy I’ve been blessed with they make a point to ruin for me, and now my marriage and children as well.
We’ve hit the point of no return here.
It hurts it’s toxic and I just can’t anymore!
Jesus says to love to forgive but honestly I’m struggling. I’m hurt, angry and want them so far out of my life and to not come back.
I feel like a failure as a Christian for feeling like this….

Sara Diego

It’s always been a strain for more than one family to live under the same roof even when you love each other Praying you find the answer to your problem.

Diane Reynolds

Understand that you are not dealing with you parents at all. This is a spiritual fight. You can’t reason with or negotiate with satan and his devices. The only way to battle this is through prayer. You will find strength and direction in prayer

Shanail Carr

I was told in my Christian based divorce care class that you are allowed righteous anger. It’s how you respond to it that’s the problem. From reading your post, I feel you need to remove yourself and your family from the toxic living arrangement you’ve… See more

Kathleen Simon

You’re not a failure, we all struggle. Every person has their own struggles and issues. We don’t all get along and you can love your parents and still not want to live with them. I would say you should definately find a way to move out. Maybe not living together will improve your relationship with them. I don’t think the arguing is good for your children but moving out and forgiving them, repairing the relationship will teach your kids a valuable lesson. Remember God loves all of us the exactly the same, we are all his children, faults and all. None of us are perfect so try to look at your parents the way God sees them. Struggling, imperfect beings

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