I feel unworthy of His forgiveness and mercy and ashamed of backsliding. Will God still forgive me?

Will God still forgive me after backsliding? I have already asked for forgiveness and prayed and asked for mercy but I feel unworthy of His forgiveness and mercy and ashamed of backsliding. Will God still forgive me?

Simone Banluta

You were forgiven before you confessed, God knows your heart, trust in Him, hang on to your faith !! Be blessed…

Patric Sheppard

He’s not standing over you with a big stick! He wants you to come back to Him. Remember Jesus said to forgive 70 x 7. In other words He’s going to forgive you and welcome you back. Just repent, which means change your mind or turn around. That’s it. No condemnation in Christ Jesus, not even for the adulteress who was about to be stoned. He just said, go and sin no more. Wow! Our God is great and good. But it’s not saying go ahead and carry on sinning. Just try not to.

Coral Smith

Same here dear the God of mercy will surely forgive us

Gideon Samutamba

God forgives us by his grace, not because we are worthy, but because he loves us. Amen

Michael Allen

Yes God will if you are indeed repeating from your heart. Turn now and trust God and live for Him. God has blessed you now praise Him and tell others how good God is. Praying for you to stand and serve the Lord with all your heart. With love and prayers

Ann Baxley

He absolutely has forgiven you! And none of us are worthy! None of us! That’s why we are so thankful for his grace and mercy and for loving us in spite of ourselves!

Libby Burgess

No wrong doing, or backsliding is a surprize to God. When Jesus died, He knew everything about you. He knew every single sin of His children He was dying for. Hebrews13:5 states " I will never leave you. I will never forsake you" . You are completely forgiven, completely blameless, and so perfectly loved by God. Jesus made you perfect, now live your life from the knowledge that you are free and loved by God. Romans 8:1Romans 8: 1 So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.

Paul S B Mouton