I felt compelled to share my testimony because I’m sure someone out there might need to hear it


Last month marked the 6th year I’ve been sober and I felt compelled to share my testimony because I’m sure someone out there might need to hear it.
At the age of 18 I started to take painkillers not knowing what I was getting myself into. It started off with just one every now and then. Over the course of four years, One turned into two, two turned into 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 5 so on and so on till after about four years I was taking damn near 15 (10mg ) Hydrocodones at one time. One day someone introduced me to heroin. They said it was just like hydrocodones but cheaper. You know what? They were right, it was great. I was saving money and making smart decisions now lol. But I was only snorting it, I told myself I would never ever eeeever bang that crap into my arm. Fast forward a year later I’m banging that crap multiple times a day. At this point I knew I was in trouble but was into deep to just stop. The withdraws would kick my ass every time I would let up. One day I get stopped by the police, get searched and they found everything. I get booked and have to go though withdraws in jail. Worst experience of my life. I thought to myself I’m never going back to that lifestyle ever again. I get out after a month and go to rehab. I Get sober and started living in a sober living house thinking that that demon was behind me and I would never do it again. Fast forward 6 months I’m at my sober living house with my roommate and we start talking about how we use to get high. He tells me he use to do speedballs which is heroin and cocaine at the same time. We talk about it for a few weeks and end up talking ourselves into getting some just one more time. What would that hurt? It’s just once right? Wrong!! Oh how wrong I was! It was like I never put it down, I picked up right where I left off in just a couple of weeks but now I’m doing heroin and cocaine. Fast forward a couple of months I get kicked out of the sober living house and I’m back at my parents house doing the same crap I swore I would never do. I’m in deep and have no idea what I’m doing with my life. This is where it gets interesting! I’m looking at myself in the mirror, emaciated from not eating and just disappointed in what I have become. I asked GOD if you’re real please help me!!! If Jesus is your son please bring him in my life because I’m going to DiE!!
And you know what? I did. I ended up having a severe overdose and had a full blown outer body experience. Three things happened to me that I believe was supernatural and can only be explained by GOD. 1. My parents dog cookie was barking on the outside of my door trying to get in, which alerted my mom to come to my room. She sees me half way on my bed with my hands in my pocket dying on my bed and calls 911. 2. While I’m outside of my body I see my dad faint in the hallway trying to answer the door for the paramedics. Thinking they are there for him so they start trying help him hahaha and my My mom has to tells them that it’s not him but me and I’m in the back room. I witnessed all of that and where my room is, that part of the house is not visible. After I’m loaded in the vehicle on my way to the hospital I come back to life inside the ambulance. I start fighting the paramedics not knowing what just happened. They explain to me that I just had a severe overdose and that we’re on the way to the hospital. Now I’m just waiting for the withdraws to kick in. Bracing myself because I knew it was gonna be a rough one. And this is the 3rd and final supernatural event that doctors and scientists could not explain. My withdraws NEVER came! Not an ounce of them. No restless leg syndrome no vomiting no diarrhea no aches no nothing!!! My cravings for dope has never returned not once! And it’s been 6 freaking years!!! The moral of the story is GOD is real Jesus is real and maybe all we need to do is just ask with all of our hearts for him and he will show up!

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