I get why the church fights abortion because it’s not our life to take, HOWEVER, aborted babies go the heaven due to the fact that they are under the age of accountability

I get why the church fights abortion because it’s not our life to take, HOWEVER, aborted babies go the heaven due to the fact that they are under the age of accountability.
Why do you church types fight abortion but don’t put that same fight and energy towards the kids ALREADY HERE AND SUFFERING
I would have more respect for your stance on abortion had you fought just as hard for the kids in foster care and child sex trafficking and street gangs.

Rachel Mander

This is a ridiculous argument that I hear all the time. People often say pro-life people don’t care about children who are already here. That’s a false argument. I am very pro-life and I was a foster parent. My mother who is also pro-life was a foster parent. We have friends who adopted children through foster care. We also have friends who help with pregnant mothers and making sure they have the support they need. They give them diapers, clothing, furniture, etc… whatever they need! I don’t know of a single pro-life person who wouldn’t rather take a child in need into their home rather than see that baby aborted. So where are you getting the idea that pro-life people don’t care about children???

Sheila Curran

I believe every life is a gift from God. Only God has the right to take it away.

Edwina Valerie Gauna

Please explain “the age of accountability “! Where is it found in the Bible???

Peggie Adamson

If I ran into a burning building to save a child from death would I then be responsible for the child’s care for the rest of his or her life. Of course not! So because I try to save a life doesn’t mean I am responsible for all of the injustices in the world. Life gives no quarantees but abortion offers no chance. Death is never a solution to social injustices.

Cynthia Freeman

All kids are under the age of accountability so maybe it would be ok to murder those that aren’t being looked after as you say and then they can go straight to heaven

Anne Barillaro

Who said churches aren’t trying to help the kids that are here? I volunteer for trafficked kids through my church as well as homeless and starving children and families

Sarah Midd

There are ministries that help kids in such situations. There is one ministry I know of that takes in mother’s and helps them to get a start, and get off drugs and out of situations, and that way their babies can be born and live. Christians love all children. There are feeding programs, babysitting programs, all kinds that I don’t even know of. Individual Christians help people. Please don’t hold against the Church what you don’t see. Get in there and give your heart to the Lord. If He puts it on your heart to do so, start a ministry from some good Jesus loving Church to reach out to kids and their families.It’s no excuse to not turn to God. He’s looking for workers to go into the fields. He’s always employing. Will you work for Him from the most sincere places in your heart? Our one true example to look at is Jesus, not man. Man does fail. Jesus will not. Give Jesus a chance to save you and work through you. Look at Samaritan’s Purse, and so many other organizations like that. Give your heart to Jesus and get involved in one.

Eileen May