I have been praying hard for God to hear my prayers regarding one of my sons

Lately, I have been praying hard for God to hear my prayers regarding one of my sons. He struggles with drug addiction. I been asking God for him to reach him somehow and touch him in a way I cant and help him. I have not been that close with my son for months now, because, trying to chase him and save him has consumed me for some time now. So, I let go and let God and gave it to God. GOD is so real, on November 13, 2022 my son text me and said dad, I cant do this no more, I need help. He has a beautiful 6 year little boy name CJ. I told my son, I will help only if you tell your employer your leaving for several months and that you are seeking some help for an illness you have. Thank you Jesus!!! I just put him on a plain yesterday and he is headed to Florida for a program for two months in-patient. My son is genuinely a good soul, he is a plumber a very good one and has tons of access to money in his profession. I need prayers, lots of prayers. We are not perfect, but GOD is so real. I cry as I write this because lord has answered my prayer.
Thank you Jesus and thank you all for your prayers !!!

Vic Cuevas

God is more than amazing…You son is His son …You just a vessel.Believe me He ( God) will finish what He started in him…Just let go and let Him…

Ivy Mokgatle

Glory to God. The chain will be eventually broken in Yehousha Ha’mashiach, not the Recovery Center, yet it is a good place to start and get him off the street.Brother, I will lift him in prayer that El Shaddai pours his healing and grace down over your boy in such volume that it can not be contained. I speak a true conversion for your son, that he may come to known the Most High and love Him as we do. Go in peace and assurance. Blessings.

Joseph M Truscello

The name of the Lord be glorified

Pauline Ambasa

Amen! And Prayers for your Son, you, and your family.

Ang Padg

Faith moves God…believe His word…believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you and your house will be saved…the seed of the righteous shall be dilivered…the seed of the righteous shall be mighty in the land…God gas never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread…God will contend with those who contend with you and save your children…these are promises…believe and receive them by faith…speak them and watch God go to work on your behalf…have faith in God!

Vaughn Dodridge

Praise God brother

Kelly Whau Whau

“What A Priceless Testimony”

KC Plummer