I Have Cried (Music Video)

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I Have Cried (Music Video)

Blayne - “I Have Cried” from “Die For It” album

Base in the title of your song. Man you’re very sad. It’s normal for us to cried for anyone. We normally do feel pain and anger. Sometimes when we’re angry we usually cry out loud. Crying is a sign that you are alive. You feel love as you feel sad and empty. But always pray to God and talk to him if you’re lonely. He’ll be your shoulder and a friend.

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@Paulo_Juamis crying is the best way for us to feel that we are kinda alive. And feel the presence of the holy spirit of God inside us, as we have our individual soul within us. If you’re sad just cry, but don’t die. Cause everything happens just for a reason.

There are times that we are happy, and there are times too that we are sad. Sometimes we cry as it is the only emotional response we can do in a certain situation. Those people who resist crying will bring emotional and mental health issues, however those who cry will find relief, be refreshed, and restored after a time of tears. It’s not bad to cry, it is a good way to release the burden inside your heart. Remember this passage from the bible, “The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears are attentive to their cry” (Psalm 34:15)…