I have given God a million reasons not to love me. None of them changed His mind

I have given God a million reasons not to love me. None of them changed His mind
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I have made a lot of mistakes in my past, but none of them changed God’s love for me. I’ve been lost several times but God didn’t turn his back on me. I know I’ve been selfish in many ways but it doesn’t stop God to still accept and love me for who I am. For everything I have done and for every sins I have commit. He didn’t let me suffer more than I can and He didn’t let me go through all those battles alone. Indeed, God’s love for us is endless. No matter how bad or how painful we’ve been through, always trust the process. Because His plans are always the best.


Indeed! He chose to see the good in us and the good we are capable of instead of looking at our bad sides. Thank you, Lord God. Praise the Lord! :yellow_heart:

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@Jean if my shortcomings can be awarded most likely
we can no longer fit in our house and I also do not know where I will put those. God is really good to me.
Just like you, God did not let me go, instead he embrace me with his loving arms, he is ready to accept me again.You are correct, God’s love for us is endless

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@Jenny I have many shortcomings in life i know that i made my mama and papa cry, i become their burden even to my brother i became a burden.
I already know Jesus and i accepted Him as my saviour and my Lord, but because im just a human ( i know sometimes its not a good excuse) I did not avoid to sin. But God is still faithful, as what the song says It’s your (Jesus’) stubborn love that never let go of me, i dont understand why do you stay perfect love embracing the worst in me. Thank you Jesus for giving your life just for my sins to wash away. thank you for loving me unconditionally.

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We are never alone. God’s word tells us plainly that we are not alone @Jojoy. He wants to deliver, comfort and heal us. But when we encounter painful loses in our lives, the more reasons we should put our trust and faith in Him. He will not let us suffer without giving us something in return. All the struggles we face has reasons behind. Trust the process because He is just preparing us for bigger situations and blessings.

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Amen to this, @Jenny.
We are humans that has made mistakes in the past but remember that God still loves us. God believes in forgiveness and we should too. Although He will still love us in our bad days, we should still strive to become the bigger person in every situation we go through. Let us learn from our mistakes because that is what God wants. He wants us to spread His kindness and goodness to everyone we meet.