I have noticed since I’ve gotten my new Bible back in April…

I have noticed since I’ve gotten my new Bible back in April… when I read so much of the Lords word I legit get so SLEEPY. And man the nap I have after reading is such a GREAT nap! Is it bad that I’ll read about 15 pages of the Bible ( re read some passages) and boom here comes the heavy eyes and head.

Shelby Wilson

1Jn 2:21 I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth. U preach the truth… and like Jesus… the church gonna try kill u saving the remnant… you will never know…how much you … See more

OG Greaves

To those who clicked on OG;s post yesterday… OG str8 loves you… and that will never change no matter what comes out of my mouth.

OG Greaves

Are you retaining any of what you read? Are you sitting up or lying down?

Ali Noel

Not at all. It is God giving you a chance to meditate on the Word. It has happened to MANY I know, myself included. He works the verse out in your subconscious and makes remembering easier. It makes sense. He is good at EVERYTHING. Lol.

Alicia Ashland

Gmorñing…I was telling my girl that it happens to me… I’ll read my KJV Bible oopp I’m very sleepy…I no the devil is behind this appisode

Janet Kahp

Not at all! Enjoy! It’s good rest. And the Lord says He’ll give rest to our souls.

Joe Pollard