I have tattoos… PLEASE do not come at me with judgement

I have tattoos… PLEASE do not come at me with judgement . I have talked with the lord SEVERAL times. My first tattoo was a cross with a heart beside it in the direction of jesus head! But my others have meaning as well. I am REALLY wanting angel wings on my back… I don’t know why the thought just came to me. Me and husband have been having some spiritual stuff (wonderful and pure) But for some odd reason I am wanting some brothers and sisters sights on this. I have kyphosis and my upper back is awful- I feel in a sense that the angel wings will help me. Cause after all don’t we have to gain our wings for when we go home? I just want to be welcomed into heaven by god jesus and my loved ones.

ErinandShelby Wainscott

My Pastor has his previous gang initials on back his head, he found Jesus in prison.

Timberley Hidalgo

You do not need to add more marks to your body for Christ to know your heart, be the light of the world. All that money you spend on tattoos can go to buying bibles y handing out to all the strangers you meet pan handlers, to co-workers, to people in g… See more

Timberley Hidalgo

Read his word about marking on your body.The word will take care of it.

Norman Logsdon

Your tattoo wings are between you and the Lord a lone. No one else’s opinion matters. Keep praying until you get a definite answer. God Bless you.

Janet Harris

Anything you don’t do In faith is a sin… Leviticus 19:28 You shall not make any cuts on your body (for the dead )or tattoo yourselves: I am the Lord. Revelation 19:16 … See more

Markeysha Coleman

The tattoos mentioned in the Bible are symbolic of the gods of that age and of tribal worship, the tattoos of today can be in honor of Our LORD or the degradation of HIM. Choose wisely but remember who you worship .

Jan Cichowlas