I hope you smile

Reflection from Nina Laird-Fusilli

I hope you smile, I hope you laugh, I hope you dance.

There are many situations in life which are stressful and cause sorrow, and a range of other emotions. Even in these times, we need to embrace the moments when we can carpe’ diem (seize the day).

Enjoy opportunities when you have the chance to laugh and smile together. The Bible says the joy of The Lord is our strength. So, no matter the trial, take the time and rejoice!

You are not rejoicing for being in the circumstance. But that The Lord will get you through.

So smile and know, although its hard right now, you and God will get through this together.

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So smile and know, although its hard right now, you and God will get through this together.

Yes. With everything that’s going on right now, may we still find reasons to smile, laugh and do the things that makes us happy. May we always believe in the triumph of the human spirit. We have conquered different battles before just like any other storms and we always find time to celebrate life. May it be small joys, small victories or simply God’s presence that reminds us how wonderful it is to be alive and that despite all the chaos and uncertainty happening all over the world, God is always with us through the good and bad times.

I hope you smile, I hope you laugh, I hope you dance.

Because of the situation right now some us or most of us having problem. Technically most of them loosing jobs.
We must feel the presence of our God. God is Everywhere keep on fighting and keep on dreaming.
We must see goodness in every situation.

Yes! Thank you for reminding us that we should always try to stay positive even in the most difficult situations. The little joys in our life make a big impact to our wellbeing. We should not lose hope because God always has a plan for us. God will never abandon us. That’s why we should strive to become better and stronger everyday. We have to pass the obstacles that come our way. Do not give up because God is with you. God gives us the strength and courage to fight everyday.

Yes, there is nothing wrong with being positive. I have read a lot of tweets on social media regarding people attacking those who are at peace. It simply just means that we are hopeful despite all these struggles. It does not mean we care less about the problems in the world.

This bible verse is so timely…I am struggling how to smile because I am over-eaten with anger again with my Filipina neighbor…I really hate people befriending you because they want to take advantage of your goodness…she sometimes gives us food in exchange of 1 week supply of veggies for her and his husband without even thinking that we plant it for our own consumption… we end up planting and planting without harvesting because early in the morning she’s there already in my backyard getting veggies!:pensive::pensive::pensive:

A million reasons to smile when we are in the presence of the Lord. Amidst problems and trials we are always assured by God that we must trust Him because He will get us through. He is also smiling in heaven when we call upon His name, He loves us so much that He is always eager to answer our call. And I am very certain that God loves to see His people smile. So let’s give Him our best and genuine smile because it brings joy to our Father in heaven

I’ve been struggle to keep smiling. Which I can’t smile when things aren’t really okay. This past few weeks I had a problem with myself and I got this migraine as added. It is very exact as of now we to smile even we are facing an obstacles. Smile is a genuine remedy for our madness. It keeps you motivated at all times when wore your smile.