I just had to believe and let The Lord do the cleaning!

Years ago, when I was a new Christian, I was going through a rough patch. I was beating myself up because I felt like I was always messing up. I could never be worthy and I considered throwing in the towel. I called a ministry prayer line and spoke with a wonderful older lady.

I conveyed my thoughts and feelings to her and I remember her response.
She said, “Honey, don’t you know Jesus is like any good fisherman. He cleans you after the catch.”
Her answer gave me a new and fresh perspective on being a child of God.
Condemnation is not something our Lord inflicts on His kids.

He may convict us. But His intention is to educate and acquaint us with His ways.
How very grateful I was to receive revelation of how simple God is.
I did not have to strain or strive.

I just had to believe and let The Lord do the cleaning!

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Hello, dear @Eva
Lovely testament and very brave of you to share your history here. Something similar happened to me when I was a teenager. But let me Teel you, that metaphor with the fisherman is very good, because Jesus loves us too much. He won’t let us go down, he will clean us and give us new life. Of course he wants us to walk by our own, so that’s why he set a little free after it. In our hands is taking that opportunity and using to make good on the world.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

@Eva Thank you for sharing this! It’s amazing how God uses people to convey his messages of love and affirmation to us. God’s way goes beyond our understanding. He doesn’t condemn like some of the humans do for He is overall perfect and He is the best example of love for He is love himself. His only desire is to cleanse us and give us a heart that is after His own.