I just want to tell you that "God loves you so much." Be strong!


Hello, dear @Jenny
Thanks a lot for this! With how many things we can have in our minds we forget how wonderful is God’s love! With him, we can find true happiness, we only have to look for him and what our heart truly desires will be given.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Thank you so much for this, @Jenny! Indeed the Lord God loves us so much. Whatever happens in our lives, it all has a purpose and God made it happen or did not make it happen because He loves and cares for us! :heart:

@Jenny thanks for reminding me that God loves me so, :slight_smile: How great is his love to us, he even gave up his life for me. thank you Jesus for providing me what i need before i ask. thank you for giving me a chance to be one of your children He is enough for me, i could not ask for more. HE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH

Hi @Jenny! Thank you so much for sharing this.
During this time, we really are in need of God’s grace and comfort. God loves us so much and we should never forget that. Let us not worry about what will happen tomorrow but keep striving in being successful today. No matter what happens, God will always be with us because He loves us. Let us not give up.

I thank God for showing his love for me unconditionally. I owe everyrhing to God because whatever circumtances I encounter He never leave me to face it alone. He is always at my side. I thank also for relatives and family because they cares for me.