I Love you! From God

As I read over this, I am struck by the awesomeness of God’s design; His plan, that regardless of what comes our way, what we experience, what we lose or gain, Christ made sure that we would not be separated from Him.
Even in the moments when we know we’ve failed, fallen short, or taken a misstep, He is there, loving us. We can run from ourselves, we can burn relational bridges with those around us, but once we have faith in Jesus, we can never shake Him. God loves you with compassion and acceptance. He’s in it with us for ETERNITY. As in infinite time!

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Sometimes when things are unclear to us, our first reaction is find ways to know the answer and solution, without seeking help to God… the tendency of running after our problem is that, we end up with unresolved solution…so let us make it a habit that if ever we have problems, let us seek God’s help and ask wisdom to resolve it with his guidance.