I love you, God you make me strong

I love you, God- you make me strong. - Psalms 18:1


Yes lord. I love you Lord make Us Strong.
In this time of pandemic we need to be strong. I know its so hard to believe that God has a Plan. But keep on praying i believe in Him you as well also. He can make the impossible be possible. I heard a good news today later this night that last vaccine test for the cure of the ncov will be doing in July. See God is working he is using those scientist to create a solution. We need to pray that vaccine will pass the final test.

Indeed! The strength I have to go through my day, that was from the Lord God. I have experienced first hand how different, amazing, and hassle-free a day can be if you live by the word of God. He gives us strength to face our daily rituals and battles.