I’m very troubled of what’s not coming from the pulpits today

I’m very troubled of what’s not coming from the pulpits today. When, now think about it for a minute, when is the last time you’ve heard a preacher preach warnings about Hell fire and condemnation. Pastors, witnesses, those who are lay persons , ambassadors of the Kingdom. We must preach in love these harsh realities as I’ve heard many invitations for salvation, yet no message content of what they’re being saved from! Grace preaching is awesome only when accompanied by what Grace provides and saves you from. Let man know he is in need of SAVING FROM ETERNAL FIRE an CONDEMNATION…Thus when repentance comes and the message of grace is received, a heart transformation takes hold, not mere words repeated. but by thankfulness of eternal salvation from Hell. To love our fellow man, we must put out the message of why Jesus had to die, he isn’t saving you from a cold or a mere inconvenience, he is saving from Hell…

Raymond Brittain

You preach the same message the preachers teach! Why should hell and condemnation be taught? If one actually teaches truth then they would preach obedience to God through His laws and commandments. Ignoring this truth leads to hell and condemnation! Ob… See more

Peggy Harris Kies

Raymond, I get what you want to say but my problem with your post is YOU want the message preached from your perspective, no wonder you condemn every message that other pastors are preaching…will it not be wise to add your preaching to what is alread… See more

Festus Marumo

Amen…the Gospel message is a Heart changing powerful message of truth and salvation that makes a person brand new and if that does not come from a heart of repentance it will not change your heart…

Shannon Lloyd