I’m very young both in faith and in age

I’m very young both in faith and in age, I don’t presume to know everything, but I believe the bible is the word of God, unlike maybe Dan Brown’s conspiracy theory novels that you can put the pieces of it’s puzzle together yourself by studying it and doing the necessary research. I’m not scholar or a langeage specialist, But I believe according to the bible, Jesus corrected the misinterpretation of the high priests and scholars of that time, who were graduates and such, because the mistake they did was to study scripture the same way as a mere book, which is not, I read alot of comments that fuel disputes among us christians here in this group , I fail to understand why but with a little help from the "helper " I understood why? we can never relay on our own knowledge or capability when it comes to God’s word
Apart from coming to save us by his great sacrifice, christ preached and rectified alot of misinterpretation, prior to him leaving, he promised us a helper ( holy spirit) And we cannot do God’s works without the holy spirit, Even Christ lead by example before he started his ministry, he got baptised by John and the holy spirit rested on him, which was a demonstration. we need the spirit of God because if we relay on our own understand and we won’t misinterpret his word but if we relay on our own understanding we will seek glory for ourselves, I picked that up, when someone is losing an argument in any discussion here in the group, the insults come and undermining 1 another, if we were of the same spirit we would settle these arguments the right way, and the worst part of it all, the way we carry on, it doesn’t seem like we represent the same person, we call eachother by names such as ( fool etc ) and Christ is a humble sweet loving person, but we have bought into the politics of this world of wanting to be right in our discussion about the word of God, God is right not us, it’s his glory not ours, you maybe the greatest scholar, that won’t win you favour with God, he loves us because he chooses to, nothing we do can influence his love for us, but God instructs us to be as humble as kids love one another.
Those are the characteristics we must put first in any disagreement we might have among eachother, winning arguments will fill you with pride. let us be careful, the devil feeds on us things. At all times anywhere make sure you invite the holy spirit so that it may speak on your behalf, not your own, it’s God’s fight not yours and its his glory not mine.
I thank you and God bless you all.

Anatii Makhosi

I think so too. For He is inside us. He was inside Moses, and Jesus and everybody else. We must ask Father to do His will in us to protect us.

Rita Jenkins

God is humble? The creator of the universe and all life is humble? “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” is humble?He’s a petulant child, like all gods.

Chris Burke

You may be young in age and faith but mature as a Christian. You get it.

Patti Thomas

Thank you

Evelyn Salawu