I need guidance. I have come from the new age and I have a hard time meditating now

Ok I need guidance. I have come from the new age and I have a hard time meditating now. I focused my whole day around a good meditation be and now I’m scared to meditate.
What do you do and what are some recommendations? Thanks everyone in advance

Jessi Minshall

Meditation - what are you talking about? Eastern meditation? If it’s meditating on the love of God where you’re not blanking your mind out and you’re looking at what he’s done that’s a good thing.

John Foll

Meditation is huge for me. I’m constantly meditating on Gods word. It overflows into art and songs. Find a book and fall in love one verse at a time.

Paul Whitehorn Jr.

Meditate but on the word of God, select a topic or story from scriptures that you would like to imagine yourself in, and wear the shoes many, some of them great men and women, wore those days. Take their position and you might learn something new about God’s word, a new lesson. Just meditating in nothing is not really a holy practice.God bless you. To God be the glory.

Efra Garcia Jr.

Pick verses to meditate on or the attributes of God. Find a good devotional that has a meditative thought.

Rhonda Angermeier

I allow the Bible to play with sounds in the back ground .That way it’s the true word of God.P.S. I’m so proud of you. Welcome home

Samantha Sides

Focus on Jesus and God And forget all that other stuff

Carol Langley

Get a “Promises of God” book. Memorize verses intentionally, and then mediate and pray on those.

Jessica Henderson