I need prayer for my household

I need prayer for my household I was sitting out in the garage with my son he’s in his thirties all of a sudden the garage lamp that’s hanging above started swinging but he said before I came out there he thought my dog was at the door wanting in he opened up the door he heard a growl there was no dog there I need prayer I started praying and rebuking at I’m cleaning the blood of Yeshua our Lord and savior but if you could please keep my household and prayer my grandson Jaylin my son Joey my husband Scott and myself kellie

Kellie Linde


Angel Leavell-Newsom

Chris Mullinix

If you are Saved you are safe.

Beverly Stuart Wharton

Jesus U have all the power and we have none. No one can measure up too U. U r the. Holiest God a perfect Spirit.

Robin Mcdonald

Father GOD please cleanse in JESUS name I ask Amen

Barb James