I need some guidance. B4 I was saved I was in an adulterous relationship

I need some guidance.
B4 I was saved I was in an adulterous relationship. I was full of demons and Jezabel headed to destroying my family. I was thankfully pulled back by God b4 I went to far.
It’s 3yrs later and I find I keep having dreams about this person even though in my dreams I know I don’t want to be with this person. It happens alot and when I wake up I pray that God would remove these dreams from me ect.
Os there anything I can do or is this part of my spiritual warfare?

Jessi Minshall

You can’t deny your nature, you can only abstain or find balance with it. Whichever you feel called by God to do remember one critical thing. Be honest and don’t hurt others willfully. If change is needed to find balance, then be honest and never shirk… See more

Tim Williams

Sounds like you definitely had a real experience with God and have repented of your sins. Sanctification is a process, and takes time to change our old habits and difficulties. Memorizing scriptures can help. " Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by… See more

Sarah Carson

I would fast to break the soul tie. Agreements create binding but they can be loosed here to break them in heavenly places. (Isaiah 58 and Matthew 18:18)

Brandilyn Chalmers