I praise God for them. I love you and we will win this fight!

I left the house at 6pm to head to Little Rock to see you last night. I was excited to get to spend a little time with you. I get to the hospital and the doors are locked. Evidently they changed the visitation hours from 9pm to 8pm. I was determined to see you. You know how I can get. So I went through the emergency room and marched my old self right to the CCU. I called in and of course they said I couldnt come in. I let them know I had driven 2 hours to see my husband and I intend to see him. If they were changing hours of visitation, they should let families know. She put me on hold to speak to the supervisor. The nurse came out and said that I could go inside the unit and look at him through the glass for 10 minutes. I looked at her and said, I need to speak to your supervisor… now.
She came out to speak to me. I re-explained to her that I had been told by a certain nurse that visitation was until 9. I understand rules, I am a nurse. However, I drove down 2 hours and my husband needs me and he needs to hear my voice. He needs to know he isnt in this fight alone! I need to go into his room and talk to him! She conceded and let me visit.
I went in and gowned and gloved. The nurse gave me directions… one being, dont touch him. BAHAHAHA…oh, okay! I walked in there, walked over and immediately touched you and told you I am here and you are not alone! I told you I loved you and God was healing you as we were speaking. I prayed over you in the spirit and held your hand.
The nurse said, he is telling you hello! I said, excuse me? I looked over at her strangely because I knew you hadnt said a word. She repeated herself and pointed to the machine… then she said, he hears you, his blood pressure went up 20 points! First time without medication. My heart leaped for joy! I then had to laugh to myself… to share a small inside joke with everyone… forgive me if inappropriate… before Mike went under he said that when I visit just show him my b**bs and he will respond. So when his pressure went up, it made me chuckle. We have to take any positive thought and anything we can find funny in this hell we are in to lift our spirits.
They were still playing the worship music as I had requested. The Lord has you resting peacefully. I got my 30 minutes. I praise God for them. I love you and we will win this fight!

Mike Waggoner

Kaylee Johnson Kameron Johnson Ruth Waggoner look how many supports we got…

Ednehr Catana

Your story made me cry because so many people are left alone and are not allowed visitors now. It makes such a difference in the healing process . When my dad had cancer 4 years ago and he was in the hospital I would stay with him all night and my brother would be with him during the day until he came home. It made such a difference. I am praying for you Vera and your husband. God is there protecting him with all his love. Take care and God Bless

Yvonne Rodriguez-Miranda

Sending healing prayers.

Cherise Schultz


Gena Meade Scott

Praying that the Lord Will heal Michael.

Mae Fisher VanNostrand

Ask for hydroxychloroquine and zpac. My son was sick and we had to ask, they weren’t allowed to tell you that option but if you ask for it they can give to you

Kathleen McManus

Debbie Hodge