I pray that all our children and there children learn about the gospel before it's to late

If we don’t teach our children about Jesus and the bible ,when the rapture just happens 20 years from now and not sooner are kids won’t even care about the rapture or Jesus ,my daughter is 22 and I got a late start to plant the seed but it’s growing more and more everyday in her ,but some didn’t at all and there growing up with no faith at all,no morales ,twenty years from now they won’t care or something bad will be in place idk but I pray that all our children and there children learn about the gospel before it’s to late

Timm Murphy

‘20 years from now and not sooner’. Try again.

Ali Noel

Rapture and tribulation are imminent, far from 20 years. The fig tree parable which generation shall not pass before Jesus second coming is almost over. Israel is the fig tree and became a nation again May 14, 1948. Psalms 90:10 states a generation is… See more

Rod Massey

Let us and let her read Hebrews, over and over, there are resolutions there of what we ought to do. The first is to have the fear of the Lord. God will finish what He started, so don’t worry too much, as you have done your part.

Efra Garcia Jr.

The time of rapture can’t be measured in years, months or days. Jesus is due any time from now.

Luke Mwangi

Make sure ur daughter understands she will need to pray to Jesus for forgiveness of sins cause that was what cleanses us so we can be purified to be in rapture ok … hugs

Wendy Normand

Rapture is not biblical. It is false doctrine. I pray all of you that believe in it have the scales removed from your eyes. God didn’t remove suffering from Jesus or any of the disciples. What makes you so special to think you’re better than they are? … See more

Alicia Ashland