I really need an answer to a particular question weighing on my mind lately about how Christianity came to Africa

I really need an answer to a particular question weighing on my mind lately about how Christianity came to Africa.
I read books of how it was forced on Africans by the slave masters and missionary and it has been making me have a rethink of my Christian life Infact I stopped attending church for sometime now.
I would appreciate anyone who is willing to clear my thought on this please. Thank you

Collins Kelechukwu Nwankwo

I guess I am not understanding your question? Are you saying christianity was forced upon the Africans? And that is destroying your own faith life?

Ronnie Fisher

The wonder-filled Gospel of Jesus Christ coming to save the world from sin’s destruction is the Good News and more so, it is GREAT, FANTASTIC, MARVELOUS, WONDERFUL, STUPENDOUS, BEAUTIFUL, GLORIOUS, THRILLING, SUPERB, AMAZING, LOVELY, and a 1,000 other superlative word NEWS to mankind!!! When the Gospel goes anywhere in the world, it changes peoples lives ~ for ONLY the best that they could ever be in their lifetime!! There is NOTHING better than experiencing the saving grace and love of THE ONE TRUE God, as He sent Jesus to bring God’s love, grace, mercy, peace, joy and presence into mankind’s lives!! Yes, we are to go out into the whole world and share the GREAT news, that God commended/demonstrated His love towards us, as we were sinners, Jesus died for us!! We are thrilled, as are the people of Africa, that the wonderful Gospel was extended to them. Multiple millions are saved there now and many more are coming to a knowledge of God’s love through Jesus Christ. Christianity forced on Africans??? No, it was graciously bestowed upon them, so that they could experience freedom in Jesus! Jesus came to set us free and all of the Africans that found faith in God through Jesus Christ ~ past and present are praising the Lord for such a blessing to come into their lives - FOREVER!! God has not ask you to take the burden of how the Gospel touched Africa!! He wants you to thank Him - that it did go to Africa and has transformed 100’s of millions lives, as it did make them into children of the Most High God. Please, do not allow this to be a stumbling stone for you to rethink your faith in God!!! Embrace the perfect love of God and praise Him for His beauty, as He is extending the Gospel net throughout the Earth!! Everyone in Africa that has come to the Lord through His Son is no doubt saying, “Thank You, Lord - for I am now a child of God!!” There are meetings in parts of Africa with ½ a million in attendance and multitudes are finding Jesus in their glorious Savior. Healing, miracles, even some being raised from the dead (documented cases) are occurring on a regular and consistent basis!! Praise the Lord that God loves Africa and He is proving it in millions!!!

Al Videc

I have no idea how it got there, but I fail to see why it matters. If it was forced by slavers does that make it false? Does that mean that what is in the Bible is suddenly not true? The truth is still the truth no matter who teaches it. God will use the wicked as well as the saints to fill His plan. The things they did as slavers was clearly evil, but that does not mean everything they did was evil.Study the Bible for yourself. See that the Bible is still the truth no mater who chooses to spread it. See it as a good thing God did out of the evil man was doing.

Kenneth J. Schonmeier

Christianity was around well before the slave trade to America if that’s their specific reference. However, “slavery” has been around well before then as well. The Jewish nation were slaves in Egypt for 400 years, but in the body of Christ, the slave is now the Lords freed man just the same as the freed man is now yoked to serve. And so all are equal in Christ. 1 Corinthians 7:22Also, Christianity has ugly pages in the story, amoung broken and fallen men in this world who are being restored and redeemed to God. He is faithful even if we are not. He is true even if every man be a liar. His story is written through all of creation. He is real.Honestly brother, this is an antichrist spirit. It is against Christ and will use whatever platform to marr, pervert and twist His truth.

Brandilyn Chalmers

Christianity done away with the Hebrew roots of the gospel of the kingdom. It is best that you study what Changed and who changed it and then the truth will come! Don’t loose faith in Messiah but learn who the true Messiah is apart from the false doctrines that are taught in the “Christian” churches!

Peggy Harris Kies

How does the behavior of some men have anything to do with what Christ has done for those who believe in Him? Some men have always done evil things in the name of Christianity. Get into a Godly, Bible believing church and talk to your Pastor. He can help you with this.

Patti Thomas

Because people “claim” to be working in the spirit of Christ, does not mean that they were. The underlying message of Christianity is unrestricted personal choice, crusaders where obviously not operating in that spirit and your reaction is therefore misguided all these years…

Dave Macarthur