I saw Jesus in His white robe standing

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I saw Jesus in His white robe standing

The Power of the Word of God!

Several weeks ago, I prayed fervently for a person so dear to me. On the day of the surgery, I saw Jesus in His white robe standing by his head and felt so joyful. After the surgery, the doctor was happy with how it went but said it was even more dire than he thought - it was stage 4. With confidence I told my dear one to be at peace and to believe God’s report and not man’s. A few weeks later, I got word that his blood work came back with no trace of cancer. With so much joy, gratitude and excitement, we prayed and cried. Read Psalm 91 and Psalm 23. Praise be to you Lord Jesus Christ.

It was God’s message within me that had me post on social media for Bibles at home to be kept open to Psalm 91 especially in the next 2 weeks of our uphill battle in this current virus crisis. Now people across the country are sharing the Word.

This is an awesome testimony ! Thank you so much for sharing this. Truly, He is our greatest doctor. My brother had also undergone surgery recently and Jesus has been so good to him, to our family. He sustained us, especially my brother. I saw his stretched hand, how he cared and still cares. We can never really deny His Love for us, that He is always there and that we just have to open our eyes and turn to him. Always to him because only Him can satisfy and will provide. :heart:

Hello, dear friend,
What a wonderful testimony! This are the little things that Jesus and the Lord do for us, we only noticed them when there’s something or a problem in our lives, but he’s always there looking for us. That’s why we always have to believe, the doctor said to you what he had to say the truth in his eyes, but you believed in the Lord and were right.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero