I struggle with going to church here in America

I struggle with going to church here in America. I love Jesus and I know Scripture pretty well, I think, for someone who wasn’t raised in a church. I have also participated heavily in church in past years (ministries, conferences, groups, etc). I have also been Baptized and had hands laid on me, I believe I am being led by the Spirit of GOD, but I moved away from that particular town/church and I know it has changed since then. I just keep getting the feeling that alot of churches just practice a form of religion (self righteousness) and don’t really believe much of their Bible at all. I feel like their relationship with GOD is merely superficial or just lip service. I want to fellowship with people that desire to be like Jesus and please GOD. So one hand I desire to go anyway, just to possibly be a light, but also I don’t want to be fellowshipping with a people that practice a false or paganized religion. Do I just go church hopping every Sunday until I find a place I am comfortable? Do I just go somewhere convenient and try to influence it? Or do I just minister to the people in my life daily and actually stay home the last day of the week and Rest or Sabbath. A full day of genuine rest from anything laborious sure sounds good. I prefer giving directly to people as GOD leads rather than through an institution or organization. I’m thinking I may just actually celebrate a Sabbath with Rest and find a mid week service to attend. Any suggestions? I try to love all people, but I want to do exactly what GOD wants me to do (HE may have just answered my question while texting this, lol.)

Dave Lee Williams

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I should say that I believe the people who go to church have good intentions. I just want something that is more like discipleship. Something that’s more like what the Christians in the book of Acts would be doing. I’m not too comfortable with our R… See more

Dave Lee Williams

You wrote you knew the Bible.Then you must know God’s Sabbath day for sure.If you know the Bible surely you knew how to look for a church according the Bible

Renier Koen

It is very hard to find a doctrinally sound church that hasn’t been corrupted by the pantheism the New Agers, or the mysticism of spiritual formation, or occult practices, or the emergent church and social justice etc. I have found that Independent Bsp… See more

Carolyn Overly Pham