I think of the vastness of knowledge we don't even know and I still worry that I'll make it to heaven

I’m reading in Matthew right now as I already know this book and it always makes me think where Jesus states narrow is the gate to the kingdom of God. I think of the vastness of knowledge we don’t even know and I still worry that I’ll make it to heaven. I’ve searched my whole life looking for love and have failed in this world and want to know God’s love and what its like to be with Him. I still thurst for that knowledge of love.

Michelle T Almand

God Bless!!

Kimberly Hervé

May God bless you and His Holy Spirit guide you to His word.1 Corinthians 13:1-81 John 4:8

She Na

Lil lady, your searching where you are gives you your answer…it is God who has already moved and touched your heart…this is the fruit of the spirit.Remember the beatitudes…blessed are the poor in spirit…you are searching and that isYour proof…God has you already…you believe !!Now just learn of him…he will guide and teach you.The holy spirit is in the believer and willHold and teach you.It was the hunger for God that was the proof you found him…the hunger is caused by God’s call on you…his election…read ephesians,Roman’s, Peter,Paul’s letters.Be at peace…Christ jesus you believe in…this is the work of God.

Dennis Perigny

Revelation 14:12 - here is the patience of the saints,Those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus

Emily Frazer


Ntombi Kunene

We glorify God because it’s all for the asking

Jamali Jay Ngoma

AMEN…GOD will choose you to be one of HIS children…in JESUS name

Julieta Lepiten