I think the time is right to examine our culture

I think the time is right to examine our culture. It is too toxic. Instead of using God’s word to guide our own lives we’re using it as a weapon to contol others. We rationalize acceptance of hate and oppression but fail to recognize the social and legal need of some people.

Joseph Berk

This is absolutely right. So very well said.My prayer is that all here will heed. And act accordingly. That would be a powerful step into God’s direction.

Robert Ash

God’s word is God’s, not ours. Too many want to interpret his word for their benefit. Remember, God gets the last word, not us.

Stephen Ellis

I think we need to stop hating people for wanting freedom from OUR values. I think we need to stop trying to control the actions of others. God’s commandment to us is for us to understand and use in our own lives. Not to write moral law into civil law.… See more

Joseph Berk

Joseph Berk, evil is on the rise, it is now spreading fast. A major problem, as I see it, is most people don’t want to believe how Evil can be so bad, they just don’t get it. Prophecy is happening in our time. People choose to ignore it at their own… See more

Allen Scott

Lissen it is true that you can use it to mislead people or to tell the truth. If you read the book of Ezekiel, Almighty God warns us to tell the truth to the unrighteous . That is any of us that are going against what is written in scripture. 2 Tim 3:1… See more

Rob Biss