I’ve seen a lot of social media posts regarding the book of “Enoch.”

Looking for insight… not a debate.
I’ve seen a lot of social media posts regarding the book of “Enoch.”
All I know is this book was apparently removed from the Bible long ago because of how it touched into demons, etc… my question is, how authentic is that? Apparently this book mentions how angels fell from heaven and bred with humans and it formed giants… etc.
So that brings another question in my mind, where did Goliath come from?
I’ve noticed a lot of the “new age” people believe in the book of enoch. This book of the Bible apparently opens up on demons, witches, etc.
Was it a real book or is it something made up?
(I’ve done research via Google, and haven’t found much from a Christian perspective.)
I’m no scholar, just a curious person studying the Bible. please be kind

Kenzie Andersen

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The Apocrypha isn’t in the Bible for a reason. A lot of it goes against the word of God, and God didn’t want it in there. Apparently the word of God, that he put into the Bible by writers in which He spiritually inspired, isn’t good enough for some. We… See more

Patrick Strickler

What will say is the Book of Enoch is referenced in the New Testament and this what jumped out to me even in my youth. I will say from what I read it definitely helps fill some gaps in Genesis and maybe even loosely explaines some of the things we see… See more

John Brian Smith

Jesus talked of Enoch that should tell you something. The truth is in scripture. Satan has always twisted the truth. I just got done reading enoch. It was very insightful. If you dig deeply the truth does get revealed to you.

Misty Jones Gipson

The real Enoch was a very significant person, but the Bible barely mentions him. This Book of Enoch is of ancient apocryphal origin but almost certainly was not written by the real Enoch, and it is not considered holy scripture by most modern Jewish an… See more

Bryan Gibby

Hi kenzie…ive studied the bible for over 30 years…on my own, just reading it…may i say this…the parts excluded from the bible were deemed by godly men not to be Holy Spirit inspired. This includes the 5books in the catholic bible which are not in t… See more

Samantha Frazer

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