I want be a rich christian life

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I want be a rich christian life

We are to look to Christ, in fact to behold Him, stare at Him, glory in His humbleness, His amazing patience, His mercy, His love. He even dined at a Pharisee’s house when invited. Those He healed rarely thanked Him. And those He called and loved ran away when things got bad enough He was nailed to a cross to die. These are the characteristics that we, as Christians, should wish to emulate. After all, God has loved us through all our terrible behavior, rebellion and sin, and then He, with astounding mercy, saved us! Loved us! Forgave us! We should try for this. That is true riches.

How to love God and love one another with all your heart?

Christian can be rich, But it is not our purpose. Our purpose is to confirm the image of God. And if wealth is good for you, God will give you, if not, He won’t.

It’s not about rich or poor, it’s about your heart.

i think you have to practice gradually, and check Jesus Christ too

Great question. That is something i am pursuing now, to love and with all my heart. God is the source of love, when I fall yet not give up, instead fix my eyes on Him and meditate how He has loved me, I am renewed to fight for love again.