I want to tell you that Yes I believe, that GOD’S KINGDOM IS REAL, and IT IS APPROCHING

2020-04-14 082803
Do you remember me ?
I was asking for prayers about my mother for her disease (cancer of lung) about four months ago?
She died the last Thursday 20 of February at 1:20 pm. However, I want to thank you all for the prayers and encouragment that helped me so much and gave me the strength support my mother. »
Of course, I’m sad when I think about all the battles we’ve been trough, all these long time of patience and prayers.
But, I’m not angry against God, do you know why ?
Because that long process had prepared her to meet God.
Few days before doctors tells us to go back home (they told us they weren’t able to do anything else for her), my mother told us that she had a strange dream, in this dream she died, and a chariot came to bring her to the tomb. After that she came in front of the throne of the Lord and she was so afraid, she thought all her sins will be shown ,BUT Jesus came in front of her and covered her, so all her sins weren’t shown.
She also told us that she assisted a big ceremony, all people around her were dressed in a white and very very very beautiful robe she couldn’t describe. The funny thing is, she asked me: « Where did you put that robe? I want to see it ». (She thought that robe were at the wardrobe.)
After doctor’s order, we just stayed at home, and prayed every day for her healness. But God chose to take her away from the world. I can assure you that She died in Jesus Christ, her name is in the book of life and She is now happy with Jesus.
I hope that I will see her again but this time, in her beauty with that famous white, beautiful robe.
Now, I want to tell you that Yes I believe, that GOD’S KINGDOM IS REAL, and IT IS APPROCHING.
If you are going through the same battle as me, or if you are living with that disease, I want to tell you that Jesus has never forget you and He will never let you fight alone. He loves you, just lay down your problems, your weaknesses, your life to Him. He is telling you to trust Him. And know that He prepared something better for you.
« God, for those who have been discouraged, those who are tired, those who are ashamed and those who want to give up because they’re recently losing against the temptation, they think they don’t deserve your love, please God, remind them your love will never change, and please rise them up again.
God, our Father in Jesus Christ, you are our only hope, please, I beg you, never leave us alone in this final war and Jesus, remind us to always depend on your mighty power. »
Brothers and sisters, it’s time to focus ourselves to Jesus.
« Pray for each other so that you may be healed. »Jacob5:16
God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ

Condolence to you Jo…I salute you for being tough as well as being courageous in times like these. I know you mom is in God’s safe hands now and happily living in heaven. It’s true that oftentimes we forget God in our busy days, but we should never forget he is with us in good and in bad times. God bless you!

Condolence, dear Jo Haru Yūki! Your mother now is with the Lord God! She is finally in peace, all her struggles and pain are gone now, it is now replaced with eternal goodness and peace with the Lord God!

Hello there, I lost my father to cancer 11 years ago but I can never forgot his strength and determination to fight and stay strong for us. I believe he was strongest when he was in the hospital bed. I appreciate his love, courage, and patience, and that have stayed with me and inspired me now that I have three children of my own. If I’m even half of what my father was, I’d say I’ve succeeded in parenting my kids.