I wanted to share this message of Hope for those of you who may need it right now!

In Sept last year our world was rocked to our core. My precious grandson suffered a catastrophic stroke and devastating brain bleed when he was just 3 weeks old. Doctors gave him 3 hours to live and 0% chance of survival. They showed images of his brain where the bleed had severely damaged his brain stem and said he would never stimulate a breath on his own due to that part of the brain being dead now. He became a status epileptic and couldn’t even hold his body temperature or blood pressure it was so bad. He made in through that first night Praise the Lord… for the next 13 days every day my 18 year old single mum daughter was pressured to turn off his life support as there was no hope and he was brain dead now!! Everyday she refused and we kept saying “You go be the best Doctors you can be, and we will keep praying.” They told us we were in denial and needed to accept the facts. It was overwhelming but we truly needed to surrender the situation to God. In Spite of what I see Lord I believe…
On the 14th day we saw our miracle… he woke up and began to breath on his own :pray::tada:
We celebrated his 1st birthday the week before last. I’m sharing a video my daughter Hannah made of his journey with the hope that it gives others hope when they cannot see a way through. And a very big testimony to the power of prayer!!!