I was in my room praying for a cure from a disease in my body

I want to share my experience. About ten years ago, I was in my room praying for a cure from a disease in my body. I found Jesus talking to me and telling me that this disease will go away, but gradually. Then he said to me: You will be among those who will be seeing the kingdom of heaven while you are on earth. The Lord Christ said to me, “You will find that this disease disappears from your body a little gradually then you will see yourself seeing the kingdom of heaven and the saints, but you will not see me nor the Virgin Mary. I remember when I was a kid a saint monk told me you will arrive.At this moment I understood that he meant that I would reach the kingdom of heavens

Sherif Francis

Humans don’t become Gods. Mary is Mary, humans gave her that name Virgin Mary. When I was growing up people called her Mary Magdalene. I was little then and I wasn’t a Christian. Now Magdalene is left out, maybe they read the Holy Bible that name belon… See more

Tholsee Reddy

There are those here who shall not taste death Not all shall die but all shall be transformed The Saints of Today, are written to be With Jesus during Jesus thousand year Reign

Robert Allen

There is no mention of Virgin Mary as being the way.

Debra Blenkinsop

Don’t be deceived…NIV bibles removed or changed bible verses…KJV is a better bible…… See more

Henry Klassen