I was on drugs and been to prison was involved in gangs

I was on drugs and been to prison was involved in gangs

I was on drugs and been to prison was involved in gangs but JESUS braught me outta that life style and changed me, I’m am not perfect but I’m striving for God

How many of you were in a low part of your life.

My oldest daughter mother marina is currently on drugs and living a defeated lifestyle but I pray God has his hand on her and I know he will rise her up, please keep her in prayers thank you
I love you god

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It is good to know that you are a changed man now Juan. Continue living your life as God wants you to be and be a good example to others who have the same situations as you before…I pray that Marina will soon realize the beauty of life too, that she may stop using drugs and that God will guide her to change her lifestyle. God bless you Juan!

This is really a good news for us. You’re now in a right path where God will see you in beyond. Please continue to be with him. He is always there for you no matter what have you done that is so wrong to yourself still God helped you to overcome that huge problem.

Hi there, @Jimmy_Ka! That is wonderful to hear! It is really inspiring to hear the experiences of people about their faith. I know God above is very happy and pleased with what you have done. All of these are possible, with Him. I know Marina will soon be enlightened about her wrongdoings. I pray everything goes well with her and she will realize everything she has been doing and turn to God. God bless you!

Im so blessed to hear that God is moving to your life just keep moving to know Him more and do not go back to the way you used to be before. I pray that God will use you as a living testimony to other slave in sins. God bless your Heart brother! Jesus is with you :blush:

Hello, dear @Jimmy_Ka
I really hope Juan can keep the good ways of the Lord. It’s always a tearjerker to hear this kind of testimony. You never know the true power of Jesus, until you touch rock bottom, then you feel how he’s the one pulling you outside of that hole. And that’s just a fraction of his power and love. Truly awesome.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero