I was told that there is only one true religion

Good morning all. I have a question.
I was told that there is only one true religion. I believe there is only one true God but many religion. She told me I was not a Christian and I shouldn’t be in the page. Can some please help me with this?
I’m a Christian. I walk with Jesus everyday and to be told this and some other not so nice things. Really hurts

Janet Lynn Binger

Don’t pay attention to “negative, judgemental, cold hearted people” … If they were truly Loving Christians … they wouldn’t tell you that! GOD, JESUS CHRIST AND THE BLESSED HOLY SPIRIT LOVE YOU … and so do I and all real Christians do!

Myrna Edith Castañeda-Ríos

Honestly…you know in your heart if you are a christian. To bring this up on here can only cause division…I wouldn’t think that is something any of us would want to cause on a page that brings encouragement, a place for prayer requests and many ot… See more

Brandon Pinkard-Wakefield

I’m on a number of Christian groups and there seems to be an awful lot of “Christians” who think they hold sway on who’s part of the Family of God and who isn’t. He that is baptized shall be saved. The longer these people keep up this judgmental atti… See more

Jeffery Blakeley